Outings Project


The Galesburg Civic Art Center has partnered with artist and filmmaker Julien de Casabianca to bring museum pieces from the walls into the streets!

Outings Project takes an image from a museum’s collection, re-prints it, and reappropriates it in the streets, giving communities an opportunity to participate in the process.

Outings Galesburg is pleased to have installed a semi-permanent installation on the east wall of The Kensington (pictured) inspired by The Daisy Field (1926) by Adam Emory Albright, the first piece purchased by the Galesburg Civic Art Center in 1928.

Galesburg has joined world cultural centers like New York, Tokyo, Warsaw, and Ramallah in bringing museum collections outside!

Thank you to our sponsors

"The Daisy Field" (1926), by Adam Emory Albright, was the first piece purchased for the Galesburg Civic Art Center's permanent collection in 1928.