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October 24, 2017
Mural to be Removed After Battling the Elements 

GALESBURG – The Galesburg Civic Art Center has made the difficult decision to remove the mural from the east wall of The Kensington.  The semi-permanent installation endured unusually strong winds and rain over the past month, with gusts of 40-50mph wrecking havoc on the public art installation, just completed a few weeks ago.

The Daisy Field installation was part of Outings Project, an international movement, founded by French and Corsican artist Julien de Casabianca, to take images of Permanent Collection pieces usually reserved for museum walls and move them into the streets as semi-permanent art installations.  Outings Project has been hosted in cultural centers such as Paris, New York, Warsaw, Geneva, Brussels, Jerusalem, among others. De Casabianca was invited to do the monumental installation by the Galesburg Civic Art Center, worked with art students at Carl Sandburg College and Knox College on smaller installations on each of their campuses, and engaged 60 members of the community in a FREE lecture and Q&A after a screening of his film, Passing By, at the Orpheum Theatre. 

“This project has been two years in the making,” says Zack Wahlquist, Galesburg Civic Art Center Board President, “we took a chance, and dared to be bold, and despite Mother Nature and this installation’s specific challenges, the Art Center will continue to look for opportunities to bring visual arts into our community. We especially want to thank all of our partners who believe in the power of art and made Outings possible.”

Outings Project Galesburg was supported by a variety of partners who came together to make the monumental and accompanying lecture and workshops possible including: The Kensington, Galesburg Downtown Council, Galesburg Community Foundation, Galesburg Convention & Visitor’s Bureau, Hinchliff Pearson West Inc., Holiday Inn Express, United Rentals, Sunny 97.7/WMOI, First Mid-Illinois Bank & Trust, Knox College, and Carl Sandburg College.   In just a few days, over 40,000 people around the world on social media, including another 12,000 locally, had liked the completed mural and its image has been viewed over 200,000 times.

The original work, The Daisy Field, is a painting by Adam Emory Albright, one of the most successful painters working in Chicago at the beginning of the twentieth century.  This piece was the first purchased for the Galesburg Civic Art League’s Permanent Collection in 1928, and is currently on display at the Art Center.

“We are heartbroken and disappointed that we did not have the opportunity to complete the final step of sealing the monumental from the elements,” says Tuesday Çetin, Executive Director of the Galesburg Civic Art Center.  “While you can do your best to plan, you just cannot control drying time or the weather, and Mother Nature has certainly been relentless this month.  A monumental of this size typically takes at least a week of drying time and lower humidity, and we just didn’t get that, instead we have experienced a series of storms that have packed torrential rains and wind.”

The monumental is De Casabianca’s largest installation and is the smallest community Outings Project has been part of.  The Galesburg Civic Art Center had hoped that the installation could be repaired after the first round of wet weather, but the latest winds and rain this past weekend did damage beyond repair and prompted the Art Center and The Kensington to consider removal.

“We were happy to partner with the Art Center and Outings Project,” says Mr. Don Fike, developer of The Kensington, “it was exciting for our residents and the community, we too are disappointed that the weather has taken its toll.” 

Removal of what is remaining of the mural will begin later this week.


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"The Daisy Field" (1926), by Adam Emory Albright, was the first piece purchased for the Galesburg Civic Art Center's permanent collection in 1928.